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Chain Reaction: a business novel



Leaders of growing companies: Are you struggling to meet rising customer demands AND control costs at the same time?

You can have loyal customers and keep costs in line.

You know the sky is the limit with your company. But some things may be holding you back:

  • sales are growing, but profits are stagnant
  • your customers want more - faster delivery, higher quality and lower prices
  • when you give customers more your costs go up.

It seems that you have to run faster just to stay in one place.

Certain companies are able to meet rising customer demands and make a good profit. They have reduced the costs of their operations, improved the quality of their products and services, have retained their customers and attracted new ones. The result is profitable growth.

To meet this and be profitable requires that you improve your business performance. Most companies want profitable growth but haven't addressed company's performance issues. Why not? A common reason is the that the urgent pressures of day-to-day business crowd out the important work of performance improvement.

Our approach to your company's profitable growth is simple in concept: first master your understanding of customer requirements and then develop and implement the capabilities needed to meet those requirements. The chain reaction of events is:

1. Understand customer requirements

2. Know the gap of what the customer wants and what your company delivers

3. Reduce costs by removing waste, rework and other non-value added activities

4. Improve productivity; by making better use of existing assets and resources

5. Meet customer requirements consistently; as a result of reduced costs and improved productivity

6. Increase sales by retaining existing customers and bringing in new customers

7. Improved profitability is the end result of the previous steps of reducing costs and increasing sales

Pallister Management's business focus is helping clients meet their customers' requirements at the lowest costs consistently and profitably. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you, please give Jeff Pallister call. He'll be happy to discuss your situation on the phone at no charge.

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