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Pallister Management : Improving company performance through quality and productivity.


Is your company struggling with the increasing demands of customers, shareholders and employees?

Pallister Management works with growing companies that need to stretch and strengthen their capabilities.

Everyone wants more. If you're like many growing companies, you're facing increasing pressures from customers, employees and shareholders.

  • Customers are demanding higher quality, lower price AND faster turnaround, all at the same time.

  • Shareholders are clamoring for higher profitability and faster growth.

  • Employees are complaining that they are overworked and stressed, and are not rewarded at competitive levels.

If you want different results you need to improve quality and productivity. Quality and productivity improvement programs are helping you improve business performance and achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

We've streamlined and simplified performance improvement. Making quality and productivity improvements can be difficult, painful and expensive. It doesn't have to be. Organize it and follow a systematic method focused on results. The key steps we follow are simple and common-sense:

1. Assess – Where are we now?

2. Lead – Where do we want to be?

3. Plan – How do we get there?

4. Mobilize – Who will do what?

5. Improve – What do we change?

Make the improvements and get the results. Companies who are taking this approach are achieving the results they want:

  • Higher product and service quality

  • Improved customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Reduced costs

  • Higher revenues

  • Sustainable and profitable growth

We can help. Pallister Management has been working with companies since 1973 to improve quality, productivity, and profitability. We have a solid record of success that proves our approach works. It can work for you as well.

Get a Free Report. Make sure you get our report “The Improvement Journey to Profitable Growth” by contacting us by e-mail.

Please browse this website for details on how your company can grow profitably. Learn about the companies we work with and the issues they face.

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