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The Performancel Improvement Program follows from the Independent Assessment, with the purpose of implementing the Improvement Plan. This is where the improvement results are achieved and benefits enjoyed.

Based on the Independent Assessment we guide the design, develop, and implementation of the management system needed to support the company's growth plan. Key elements of the Program are that it is:

  • team-based cross-functional relies on the ideas and expertise of staff follows a structured and systematic process
  • provides a rapid response to priority areas

Each team has the following tasks:

  1. Define the process and key parameters Collect and analyze relevant data Identify areas of high risk probability and impact Redesign the work process to minimize risk, reduce waste and maximize value creationRecommend changes and an implementation plan Communicate the changes and conduct trainingExecute the implementation plan
  2. Verify effectiveness of the changes

Expected Results
We have helped companies achieve results in Operational Improvement Program. Some examples are:

  • Streamlining the sales processes resulted in a $120,000 saving per year in manpower which was reallocated to increasing sales Reduced waste of materials and manpower resulted in an average savings of $30,000 per improvement team. More than 20 teams were active. Better customer satisfaction and better control of processes resulted in a 4 times increase in throughput over 3 years. A 3 to 8 times return on investment is typical.
  • Increased productivity of 15%-20% is common.

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