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How efficient and effective are your processes in delivering the product and service to your customers?

A lack of process creates chaos, confusion, delays and waste.

At the other extreme, if too much process has accumulated, the result is excess costs and time.

Pallister Management provides consulting and training services to help companies improve their processes so that they:

  • Gain agreement on requirements and workflow
  • Standardize processes
  • Improve consistency of products and services
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs by streamlining, simplifying, and reducing waste

Consulting in Process Management

We have over 15 years of experience in working with companies in achieving tangible results from process improvement and ISO 9001.

We also utilize the methods for process management and improvement published by the National Quality Institute. NQI, an independent, not-for-profit organization, is the leading authority in Canada on workplace excellence based on quality systems criteria. Jeff Pallister is certified by NQI as a Certified Excellence Professional and is a designated NQI Advisor.

The method for process improvement consists of 5 Steps:

  1. Map It.
  2. What Do We Need?
  3. Measure It.
  4. Solve It.
  5. Control It.

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Training in Process Management

1. Introduction to Process Mapping

Process Mapping offers your company a customer focused, employee friendly tool which will help to identify, analyze and improve your core business processes.

Process mapping offers the methodology to document the flow of a process from inputs to outputs and to provide a focal point from which to analyze opportunities for improvement.

Instructor: Jeff Pallister, CMC, CEP

2. Quest for Quality: Process Improvement Tools (modules 2 & 3)

This award winning training course will introduce process management tools & techniques to help you identify and close quality gaps in your organizations. Topics covered: NQI Quality Principles, NQI Framework for Excellence, Process Mapping, Cost of Quality, Quality Gaps, Process Metrics, Displaying Data, Problem Statements, Fishbone Diagram, Process Map Analysis.

Instructor: Jeff Pallister, CMC, CEP

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