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Power Idea Session

Date: January 22, 2007
From: Jeff Pallister

Want to reduce costs and improve profits?
Give us 16 hours over two days
and we will give you valuable ideas and projects
for cost reduction and profit improvement
Guaranteed to be worth more than $50,000 a year.


During this two-day working session, you’ll discover the time-tested methods used by executives, managers and owners who want to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase revenues all at the same time.

Everyone Wants More
Many improvement programs take years to carry out and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We provide an organized approach so you can improve your business easily, rapidly and reliably.
Everyone wants more and more. You are under enormous pressure to provide customers higher quality products and services at lower prices. Employees want more compensation and flexibility.  Owners want higher returns.
How Will You Deliver?
The answer isn’t working longer or harder. In fact you should be working less! It is possible, if you stop the nonvalue-added work.
What you need is a system to identify unnecessary costs, find smarter ways of working and be able to meet the expectations of your customers, employees and owners.
Until recently, the only way to discover hidden costs has been through expensive and lengthy studies or through trial and error. But now you can identify significant improvements in just two days.
Introducing the “Power Idea Session”
What You Receive:

  • A Two-Day In-House Session focused on your company’s improvement opportunities.  We will generate hundreds of ideas to reduce costs, improve revenues and increase profitability. Participants will evaluate and prioritize the ideas and develop a shortlist of high priority improvement projects.
  • Profit Improvement Plan - We provide you with a Profit Improvement Plan consisting of an action plan for priority projects, a list of valuable ideas, evaluations of top targets and identify financial returns.
  • Buy-in - you will get buy-in of the participants to take an active role in cost reduction and profit improvement leadership.
  • Advanced Training - Participants will also receive training in the most advanced creativity methods available today for productive idea generation and evaluation.

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Valuable Ideas and Projects Now!
Everyone is under pressure to do more with less, to make the most of what they have.  The question is how?
The answer is to reduce unnecessary costs, improve revenues and increase profitability. You free up valuable resources. 

We provide an organized approach so you can make these improvements easily, rapidly and reliably.  You don’t have to wait “until we get around to it.”

We Guarantee Results
Our two day Power Idea Session provides you with a Profit Improvement Plan that identifies ideas and projects worth more than $50,000. Guaranteed.
Your company is likely wasting more than $50,000 a year, year after year. These losses are unnecessary.


Isn’t It Time to Stop Losing Money?

Isn't it time to stop losing this money and put it to better use such as growing the business, providing dividends to the owners, or better compensation to employees?
We believe you should achieve at least a ten times return on your investment.

You can cut costs and improve profits now.


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Best of Success,
Jeff Pallister
These sessions have proven their value – they have already made improvements worth more than $100 million for dozens of participating companies.  Power Idea Sessions are provided by Pallister Resource Management Ltd., a management consulting firm serving Alberta companies since 1973.


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